• Škole za zajednicu


    „Škole za zajednicu“ („Schools for the Community“) is a project which emphasizes the importance of education and lifelong learning in rural areas. Rural areas in Croatia are generally seen as areas without future perspective. The lack of services leads to depopulation, which has negative impacts on local rural economies and turns rural areas into places undesirable to live and work in. „Škole zazajednicu“ is about organizing different courses and workshops (foreign languages, informatics, sports) for locals in local schools in order to strengthen human capital in rural areas in Croatia.


  1. goran.starcevic@gmail.com says: 06.05.2014 at 03:05Reply

    I would also explore themes of wifi/mesh network infrastructure (as workshops perhaps). The thing that makes wifi infrastructure a great “workshop” theme choice is a fact that deploying wifi nodes, besides having pedagogical benefits, could serve in a practical sense as a foundation of a future country-wide high-speed mesh communication network which would be widely available, public and potentially free for everyone.

    A prime example of that currently seems to be http://www.otvorenamreza.org/ but there are also local wifi communities I think, here and there.. I’m not an expert in this field so I can’t offer more detailed advice, unfortunately.

    The other themes that seem exciting and should probably be considered are “standard” disruptive technologies that are currently being dissemineted in hackerspaces worldwide: things like 3d printing, open source hardware and software and cryptocurrencies perhaps.

    • goran.starcevic@gmail.com says: 06.05.2014 at 14:23Reply