• Smart Lumies

    Smart Lumies are educational toys for kids from 2 to 7 that let parents track their early stage development. The cubes teach children colors, sounds and physics. The key innovation is the platform of structured educational games for certain age groups that improve child’s development and allow the monitoring. The platform consists of three parts. First part consists of cubes that interact with the child. Second part is the application that communicates with the cubes and the third part are the parents and the online community page where they are able to develop more games together with experts

  • MyBeeLine

    Bees are identified as species that are threatened with extinction at the European level. MyBeeLine thrives to solve this problem with proper bee caring approach, early detection and prevention of disease spreading and overall protection of bees. We believe that proper use of IT combined with beekeepers’ know how can be used as efficient tool for solving major problems with bees’ extinction. We will combine traditional beekeeping processes with modern IT solutions, data mining, IOT and systematic approach in order to achieve better beekeeping on both micro and macro levels.

  • Veles

    The aim of the project is to preserve and promote ethnographic heritage from Sesvetsko Prigorje, North-East of Zagreb, through social entrepreneurship that will also provide an opportunity for a few target groups to gain new knowledge, develop new skills and produce a line of innovative clothing items based on elements of traditional textile design and identity of the area. We expect to achieve self-sustainability by selling the items through a network of various partners and the revenue gained will be reinvested into the project and the people employed.

  • Street for me

    The project is all about making a mobile and web application that enables people with moving disabilities to gain the information about possible ways of moving through the city. The idea came out one day when the team was taking one of their friend in the wheelchair to the hospital and there was no way to enter with the wheelchair. Application will consist of online interactive map with marked places that have enabled way for people with that kind of disabilities and roads (paths) that are passable people can report the problem in real time.

  • ReShroom

    The project is based on blue economy and green biotechnology. It aims at developing a method for sustainable growth and production of edible mushrooms and mushroom products (mainly food supplements) on foundations composed of cellulose waste and coffee grounding. Therefore, the method would be used as a means of recycling low-vaue waste into high-value products. Additional purpose of the project is to allow students to earn some income while working in their field and gaining experience, as well as encouraging the cooperation between Academia and economy.

  • Pokaži i meni (Show2me2)

    Show 2me2 project it’s focused on tourists with all kind of physical disabilities. We provide service in destination which includes the tourist guide assistent who helps the tourists with disabilities in sense of providing the real tourism experience.  He will show them all the things they want in destination. He will be their’s buddy, and walk them through the public spaces, transportation… Tourist guides are unemployed persons trained from the part of the proffessionals in tourism industry and associations of people with disabilities.

  • Vinifera

    Vinifera utilizes pomace, leftover grapes from the wine-making process, to create grape seed oil, thus recycling waste and facilitating partnership between Croatia’s abundant wine-growers and wine-makers with producers of oil.

  • Team UP!

    Team UP! is a social networking site developed for the purpose of bringing young future entrepreneurs together and starting new projects, forming teams and creating new businesses, free of charge. The site would be built upon our three main pillars: Start UP!, Volunteer IN! and Partner UP. Each section provides a different service related to start ups, volunteer projects and youth competitions.

  • Škole za zajednicu

    „Škole za zajednicu“ („Schools for the Community“) is a project which emphasizes the importance of education and lifelong learning in rural areas. Rural areas in Croatia are generally seen as areas without future perspective. The lack of services leads to depopulation, which has negative impacts on local rural economies and turns rural areas into places undesirable to live and work in. „Škole zazajednicu“ is about organizing different courses and workshops (foreign languages, informatics, sports) for locals in local schools in order to strengthen human capital in rural areas in Croatia.

  • Recikliraj!

    Recikliraj! is a Croatian iOS app that helps you find the nearest recycle yard, report illegal waste disposals, organize your own green initiative and find out how to properly recycle and dispose waste. Recikliraj! MVP was build in 10 hours as part of 3rd WhoHack hackaton and won the First Prize. It quickly became a perspective project that raises public awareness about recycling and responsibility towards environment. We hope to inspire green activism among fellow citizens. Whole project is on voluntary basis.

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